Team Events

Effective co-operation in teams is becoming more and more important for organisations to be succesfull. Making a team of a group of people, focussed on a joint goal or achieving a specific result, is our speciality. This comes down to getting to know each other in a completely different setting, motivation/inspiration, leadership and effective communication.  These are often both improvement points for the leader and the teammembers. From experience we know outdoor events are very effective to combine fun and boost your team. Our experienced trainer/coaches can organise teams events for up to 200 people. 

Outdoor activities:

  • Offroad driving with 4x4 / quad
  • GPS/compass navigation
  • Mountain biking
  • Crossbow shooting
  • Survival training
  • Fast RIB boats
  • Overnight staying 
  • BBQ

Example team events?

- managementteambuilding
- management development
- strategy/goal workshop as kickoff of a new business year/quarter/challenge
- kickoff of a new project, department or company
- dealer/customer events

Our trainer/coaches of Road2Results have extensive hands-on experience with assessments, facilitating management training/workshops, teamfeedback and team coaching. 

For more information, please contact us. For larger group events, please allow for enough time to prepare and plan in advance. We are happy to make you a competitive offer for your teamevent. 



Customer event ZAR Benelux 2009:

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