Offroad Training

Our offroad trainings are designed to develop your offroad driving skills, explore the possibilities and limits of your Land Rover and prevent unnecessary damage to your car, persons and the environment.  

Each offroad training contains both a theoretical and a practical part. The theorie is offered to you in a self explaining interactive video. You will learn: 

- safety aspects of offroad driving 
- knowledge about your Land Rover
- do's and dont's
- preparation of your offroad trip
- using gears, low/high range and terrain response system
- reading offroad terrain
- (failed) hill climb
- ditches
- wading
- recovery

As slow as possible, as fast as necessary

Our 1:1 individual training allow for tailoring the course content to your specific needs. 

The learning points will be applied during the practice part of the course. Your offroad coach will guide you through all of the obstacles and give your feedback on how your are doing. You will have the opportunity to practice each obstacle more than one time, allowing you to learn and develop your offroad driving skills.  

During the training we will take pictures so you can concentrate on practicing. After the course the digital pictures will be sent to you so you will remember this experience for a long time. 

In our courses we will learn you how to drive offroad in a responsible way with respect for our nature. Pro Track supports the principles of the Tread Lightly foundationTravel responsibly. Respect the rights of others. Educate yourself. Avoid sensitive areas. Do your part.

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